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This site is produced to assist you in finding the link for your Coast Guard Auxiliary questions, forms and other helpful bits of information.

You will also find some links to boating safety, electronics, and general interest sites, that you as a boater, might be interested in.

As I strongly encourage all boaters to have a VHF radio on board, you will find sites for some popular radio and antenna companies.

This site as presented is a beginning.  As we make progress I will be adding more features and links.  Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions.  Thank you!

"Semper Paratus"

Jim Ramsey

Communications Officer

Division 12

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

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  Berkeley County SC Emergency Management
  Furuno Global - Marine
  Icom America
  Standard Horizon
  Shakespeare Antennas
  LMR Coax Cables
  AIS Live - Worldwide
  AIS Live - Charleston, SC
  Association for Rescue at Sea
  Fred's Place - Place to meet Old Coast Guard Shipmates
  Red Right Returning
  MLB 44-301 Retirement
  Maritime Security (MARSEC) Levels
  WA4USN, Charleston Amateur Radio Society
  Navigational Rules (International-Inland)
  U.S. VHF Channels
  Tropospheric Ducting Forecast for VHF/UHF Radio & TV
  Charleston Navy League - Mariner's Messenger
  United States Coast Guard Amateur Radio Club - W5CGC
  ARRL Web - ARRL Home Page
  South Carolina Maritime Heritage Foundation Spirit of South Carolina
  Boating & Fishing Forum - The Hull Truth


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